My package tracking information is showing that it has been delivered, but I have not received it. What can I do?

Sometimes USPS and UPS mark packages as delivered a day or two before they are. If you’ve waited two days, please read below.

Please verify that your current mailing address is the address on the order confirmation email you received.

We also recommend that you check with other members of your household to see if anyone may have put your package aside. This happens a lot!

If you live in an apartment complex, we recommend that you contact your rental office to see if they are holding your package there. Some packages won’t fit in your mailbox so carriers will often leave packages at a manager’s office for safekeeping.

Consider calling your local post office with your tracking number  and ask them if they can assist you further. Sometimes they have more information than what we can see online. They may even have your package on hold for you. If they have a postmaster at your local post office, ask to speak with him/her first.

If you are still unable to locate your package, please reach out to with your order number and shipping address, and we will be here to help.

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